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Beautiful Blue Fin

The trevally are really biting this year. Today was no exception. Within 20 minutes of arriving at our location we hooked into a 6-8lb. blue fin trevally. Had it on for a little bit and then it broke off.

Shortly after we landed this nice 4lb. papio (small trevally) close to the rocks right in front of us. It was a great thing that this guest had a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses on so he could see the fish come up and strike the bait below his float. As soon as the fish started to run, he pulled up and set the hook perfectly. The fish zig zagged right, came back left but this angler did a really great job of keeping this one out of the rocks. As the fish was coming up just before he pulled it out of the water we could see there was another one of equal size swimming erratically around it. Such beautiful brightly colored fish to see! A fun day!