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Maui Shore Fishing Guides

Aloha E Komo Mai!


Maui Shore Fishing Guides, LLC is the premier provider of authentic, exciting shore fishing and surf fishing excursions on Maui.  If you love to fish, have a sense of adventure, and desire to see pristine parts of Maui off the beaten path then we’re the guides for you!  We specialize in intimate guided 4, 5, or 6 hour trips for one to four anglers.  Fully insured and with safety our first priority; we fish anywhere from a beautiful white sand beach to a secluded rocky shoreline.

Maui Surf Casting Fishing

Maui offers a wide array of fish and any that bites is great!  But the prized fish here in the islands are the trevallys.  The white trevally also known as the GT or ulua, and the blue fin trevally here in Hawaii known as the omilu are the two most prized fish.  The papio is a small trevally and also a great catch.  There are 6 different varieties of goat fish that are great to catch, many different kinds of trigger fish, wrasse, barracuda, and even bone fish are just some of the fish we can catch from shore.  If you catch a good eating fish big enough to keep we’ll even filet it for you!

Your guide, Brian Edmisson has been fishing all over Maui for over 15 years and has led guided trips for more than 9.  He loves all kinds of fishing; trolling for big game fish, bottom fishing, live bait down rigging, catching kahala (amberjack) from his kayak or uku (gray snapper) from his stand up paddle board and omilu from shore!  His love affair started from very young and his passion continues to grow as he constantly seeks to find his next exciting fishing adventure.  Join him and you’re sure to have a great time experiencing the local style of fishing here in the islands.



Everyone’s stoked

Everyone’s stoked fishing from shore on Maui.  We were at a great location with the trade winds blowing. The water had a good fishing feeling to it. Within the first couple casts this lady angler hooks into a nice blue fin trevally, a great fighting fish from beginning to end. This gentleman angler was extremely lucky to have hooked a gray snapper (uku) which are not normally caught from shore. They are typically caught off shore which makes this catch super cool.

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What a great way to spend the morning catching many different species of fish from shore in beautiful Maui. From trigger fish to goat fish to trevally. A fun, eventful day for everyone.
Great action, great company, and amazing scenery.  This first fish is our state fish the Humuhumunukunukuapua`a.


North, Central, and South Maui

The benefits of fishing on the island of Maui is you’re never very far from a good shore fishing spot. Here’s some pics of our trips around the island. Weather you’re fishing just 50 yards from your car or a couple mile hike; amazing strikes can happen anywhere.

IMG_1620 IMG_0435 IMG_1323 IMG_6394 IMG_1582

Another Beautiful Day in Hawai’i Nei

Shore fishing in Maui this day the bite was on right off the bat. There was a small pack of blue fin trevally right in front of where we were fishing for the first hour. We missed 3 fish and ended up catching 3. The biggest was about 8lbs. These anglers traded action all morning. With the husband finishing the morning off with the biggest one. Giving a mean fight all the way to the end. We almost lost it on the rocks but this angler anticipated the fish’s move and was able to get it up to shore.





Fight Another Day

First bait, first cast; we caught a nice blue fin trevally. The fact that these anglers wanted to release all catches I think played a role this day. Immediately after releasing the first fish, we casted out another bait hooking a second fish right away. We continued to have great action all morning. Finishing off this awesome Maui day with a giant needle fish which put up an impressive fight as it leaped out of the water darting from side to side. Shore fishing this day we landed a total of 5 blue fin trevally, a giant needle fish, some triggers and a handful of other reef fish. We let them all go to fight another day.

IMG_4355 IMG_1577 IMG_4356 IMG_4357 IMG_4358

Papio Catch and Release

This was one of three papio (blue fin trevally) I caught fishing from shore that perfect Maui day.  Super fun fight.  I let him go to get him another day.

Papio and Rainbows

It’s not always a beautiful day fishing from shore in Maui. Sometimes it’s a really beautiful day!

This was one of two fish we caught and landed. Great action right off the bat. Squirrely fish up until the end. Perfect weather, perfect catch!


Bone Fish and Papio

Another fun day shore fishing on Maui!

Both of these fish were caught on the same bait.  The bone fish had a wild fight.  After it grabbed the bait it ran directly at us and we thought the fish came off.  Then it rapidly starting peeling off line and we knew we had something interesting on; something different than what we have been catching from shore.  A nice bone fish!



The Poor Man’s Marlin

This is one of the larger needle fish we’ve landed in a while.  They tend to jump off.  A good fun fight but difficult to get to shore.  The locals call them the poor man’s marlin.  This young angler did an awesome job fighting this fish on the 10′ pole and made it a Maui fishing trip to remember!


My Day Off

So stoked to catch this omilu (blue fin trevally) on my day off and let it go to fight another day.

4 lb. Gray Snapper (uku)

This fish was all over the place the moment it took the bait.  Trying to get us in a crack.  Pulling it away from the crack.  Darting underneath the ledge.  Lifting it out of the ledge.  Running out to a shelf.  Then came in nice and easy.  This thing gave it all it had when it bit the bait.  The angler did a great job keeping this one from breaking off.  The gray snapper or ‘uku’ as it is called in Hawai’i is one of the most tasty fish.


Bone Fish west side Maui

6 to 7 lbs Bone Fish not sure exactly good guess caught on a 8’6” Okuma guide select and Penn 3000 class reel. Great fight Super Fun

Tricky Fish

From the moment this blue fin trevally (omilu) took the bait he was running for the rocks.  This young angler was on it though and did a great job navigating this fish up on to the rocks.  With a cave close by, the fish tried several times to go inside but the angler was able to get him out.  Great battle!


Barred Jack

Another beautiful species of trevally and a really good eating one. This species tends to hang in the shallow flats. This 4lb. fish put up a great fight even on a 10’ rod.


The One That Got Away

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Lady Luck

With no experience shore fishing in Hawaii, this lady angler caught this blue fin trevally on her 3rd or 4th cast. The fish put up a great fight on the light tackle pole. Peeling line off the reel the moment it struck the bait. Pulling about 30 – 40 yards of line off. I knew she had a nice fish on. She had no problem at bringing this one to shore. A perfect way to start the day.


Oooohhh Baracuda

Shore fishing on the south side of Maui with a subsurface bait, this small barracuda put up a pretty nice fight on a light tackle pole. The teeth on these barracuda are extremely sharp. All 3 sets of them! They have scissor like teeth in the back and just in front of that they have some needle like daggers and in the front they have huge triangular shape dagger teeth. So often if you’re fishing with mono they will bite through the line. Sometimes you get lucky, like this angler, who did a great job getting this one to shore without his teeth biting through the line.


10lb. Bone Fish

The angler’s husband actually booked the trip with the hope to catch a bone fish because he has targeted them before in other locations but has never caught one. So he thought he would give it a try shore fishing in Maui. At the beginning of the trip my client said “my wife always out fishes me she has a lot of experience”.

So anyone that knows about bone fish is that they’re not easy to catch.
The conditions could not have been any better. We were actively fishing for about an hour when we got a double strike. I knew they both had fish on and that her’s was bigger because it was smoking line off the reel and it was difficult to keep the rod up. So immediately I asked her husband if he was ok and he said yes go help her. He got a trumpet fish and it came in quick.
So the fish ended up running down the shoreline and in toward the beach. Then ran all the way up the beach straight toward us. We got a really good look at what we had on the end of the string. And then the thing took off another eighty yards straight out and a hard left back toward the beach. As the fish was coming in toward us again the angler was getting tired but the fish was too and I knew it was pretty much done fighting.
Once we grabbed the fish and pulled it out of the water we could tell how big it was; a 10lb. bone fish very round and thick with beautiful color. That was a fish fight of a lifetime!


The 3 P’s Pay Off! – Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance

We were patient when we arrived. And from the moment we started fishing we were persistent in switching up the baits, techniques and the spots at this location. We persevered through the weather that started rolling in which was consistent showers that lasted pretty much the entire morning. But we were ready for it with Jackets so everyone was comfortable and neoprene shoes so our feet were warm.

After a few hours fishing on the rocks all 3 of us were close to each other fishing with light tackle. We had a bigger rod next to us soaking some fresh dead bait. It starting going off! Screaming line off the reel with authority. I quickly ran over to the rod, tightening the drag making sure the fish was still on. I could tell that it had some serious weight to it. I got the rod into the anglers hand and it was difficult to hold the rod up. The fish was pulling so hard. After a few long minutes. The fish started to come in towards the rocks. As it was approaching it starting going under the ledge of the rocks we were standing on.

Almost breaking us off we managed to pull it out from under neath with our 10’6″ rod. When the fish was done fighting the big challenge was to get it up on to the rocks. That took twice as long as the fight. There was a good 3-4′ surge of white water on the rocks so we really had to time landing this fish. What an amazing catch!

This is such a pretty fish. The word kagami in Japanese means mirror. That’s why they call it a kagami ulua. The skin is like a mirror – shinny, flashy, and iridescent. The thread fin trevally is a very prized fish to catch.
Just goes to show anything can happen when you’re fishing from shore in Maui.

Kagami1 kagami2

Bottom of the 9th

Lucky this angler’s dad wanted to take him fishing from shore in Maui. Stoked this angler had the stamina to cast and retrieve for 3+ hours until he was rewarded with this highly prized catch in the last 10 minutes of fishing.
After catching a handful of smaller fish; small blue fin trevally, small trumpet fish, the bite kind of got slow for a bit. But we kept trying and trying, being persistent. The angler was casting really well and got the flex of the rod wired and was able to cast further and further throughout the day. With only a few minutes left of fishing he ended up hooking into a really nice fish. It sure hit the bait like a blue fin trevally with a hard fast run and immediately we knew we had a good size fish on. He did a great job pulling it in. When the fish got close to the rocks where we were standing it swam under the ledge for a moment and we thought it was going to come off. I still couldn’t tell exactly what kind of fish we had on. Certainly not expecting it to be what it was. As soon as the fish came out of the undercut it was close and we could see that it was a gray snapper which are very difficult and rare to catch from shore. There were two other anglers on the rocks near where we were fishing. They could see the fight and hear the reel going. They were watching us reel the fish in and as soon as we landed it we held the fish up and they cheered and yelled at us “uku! sashimi!”. It’s a special fish to catch from shore, highly prized, and great to eat.
Another awesome trip! You never know what an afternoon shore fishing tour will provide.