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13 lb. Omilu

I was scouting for a new spot to fish from shore, looking for an easy access beach location.  I found a nice shoreline fishing spot just south of Lahaina town.  I decided to throw two baits out, put a couple bells on and walk along the beach casting light tackle.  I walked down the beach and back to my poles and when I started to approach the rods one of them doubled over.  Bell clanging, line screaming off the reel, I dropped my small pole in the sand and ran up and grabbed the rod.  I got the bell off and the fight was on!  The fish did a hard run straight out taking about 100 yds. of line off my reel.  Immediately I knew it was a decent size fish.  After it stopped running I started pulling the fish towards shore.  The fish was making 50 yard runs from side to side all the way into shore.  Once I got it to where the waves were breaking I realized the fish was too big to pull it up with a wave.  So I decided to just go out and grab him.  What a catch!
 Just when you think the story is over… As I’m walking up the beach with the fish and the rod in my hand, a guy approached me who saw me fighting the fish from the road and pulled over to check it out.  But before I could even say hello to him my other pole doubled over and started screaming line for about 3 seconds and then the line snapped.
Oh the one that got away!  One for two isn’t bad.  I’ll take it any day.